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Our priority is to protect you, your family, and your business. We understand that a wrong must be made right – as quickly as possible.
Our philosophy is straight talk – no sugar coating. We tell you up front what to expect.
Results are priority Number 1. We have over $100 Million in recoveries during our careers with significant cases involving life-changing personal injuries, death, medical malpractice, whistleblower claims, class actions, labor & employment, and oil and gas lawsuits. That’s not to mention the work we have done to protect our corporate clients in day-to-day matters, like contract drafting, business disputes, and labor & employment.
Every lawsuit is different. The results shown on this website are for illustration purposes only. They do not predict the strength or value of a case that you may have. We can discuss the facts of your case and give you our opinions.
Small Business Owner


When they talk about being a small firm with big firm experience, they mean it. Trent took on a BIG national law firm for my company and won a much bigger settlement than we’d originally expected.